DEIP Documentation

This is documentation for DEIP protocols and tools for building apps on top of the protocol.

DEIP provides a set of Web 3.0 protocols, tools, and applications for the creative economy.

Our mission is to drive the adoption of Web3 technologies for creative economy use-cases and boost the liquidity of intangible assets. We work to maximize the realization of global human and intellectual capital.

We are entering the creative economy with a rapid speed. The dominant assets of the creative economy are intangibles. Intangible assets are already the most valued assets in the world, especially in innovative enterprises, but their long-term potential is far beyond the current market state. They not only hold high inartistic value but create an opportunity for investors to speculate as their price grows. For the Web3 community, it’s clear that in the future most if not all intangible assets will be tokenized and traded on the open decentralized layer-2 protocol. In this paper, we not only propose a set of protocols (Intellectual Capital Protocol, Dynamic Liquidity Protocol, Intangible Assets Yield Farming Protocol, Collective Intelligence Protocol) that have the potential to dramatically increase the liquidity of intangible assets but also outline a set of tools and strategies on how to bring the high-value assets to this protocol and drive adoption of Web3 space in general.