Getting Started

Welcome to the DEIP Documentation! This space contains guides for understanding and interacting with the core functionality.

Welcome to the DEIP Documentation! This space contains guides for understanding and interacting with the core functionality. Our documentation space has four main sections: Learn (for learners), Build (for people who want to build on DEIP), Maintain (for people who want to maintain the network), and DEIP Use cases (examples of DEIP Technologies implementation on real businesses)

What is DEIP?

DEIP focusing on creative industries, and creating the most advanced decentralized protocol for the creative economy. We are making it a foundational infrastructure for unlocking the full potential of creators around the world.

DEIP technologies are built to drive the adoption of Web 3.0 technologies for creative economy use-cases and boost the liquidity of intangible assets. We work to maximize the realization of global human and intellectual capital.

DEIP is a rapidly growing ecosystem that provides a set of technologies, tools, and strategies for tokenization and governance of high-value intangible assets. Using our modular open-source constructor you may build your own business based on DEIP blockchain technologies.

Creator Economy Protocols powered by Web 3.0


The world is shifting from a “value capturing” economy to a “value creation” economy and needs a new set of rules, which democratize access to resources for creators and make value creation as rewarding as it should be in the 21st century.

We believe that shortly most resources except intellectual and human capital will become commodities. As a producer of knowledge-based assets, creative industries will become the leading drivers of economic growth in the world.

We have created the first Web 3.0 Creators economy protocol that provides a solution to the main hurt of Web 2.0 for Creative Economy participants by:

  • Increasing the liquidity of high-value intangible assets,

  • Protecting intellectual property,

  • Facilitating collaboration between creators and business,

  • Providing a governance model framework for the assessment of assets, and

  • Creating a transparent reward mechanism for creators.

Find out more about the creative economy here: What Is the Creative Economy?

DEIP&Polkadot Parachain

As an application-specific Substrate 3.0 based Polkadot Parachain we want to convince you of the legitimacy of our project.

  1. DEIP has successfully applied for a Web3 Grant that can be found in the Accepted Grant Applications list.

  2. As an open-source project, we want to share our GitHub repository. We are convinced that open source code promotes transparency, builds trust, and ensures that nothing suspicious happens behind the scenes.

  3. Also, we want to share our well-written and detailed Whitepaper.

  4. And of course, we want to show you the people who created the DEIP ecosystem that will change the world.

DEIP Partners

DEIP has strong partnerships: universities, investors, associations.

How does DEIP work?

DEIP Protocol (or Creators economy protocol) is a Web 3.0 Layer-2 application-specific protocol for intangible assets and derivatives. The protocol enables discovering, evaluation, licensing, and exchange of intangible assets. It is designed specifically for intangible assets tokenization (as F-NFT), governance (via DAO), and liquidity (via DeFi instruments and derivatives).

The Creators economy protocol serves as a base protocol for multiple specific protocols implemented on top of it: Dynamic Liquidity Protocol, Intangible Assets Yield Farming Protocol, Collective Intelligence Protocol. Using our modular open-source constructor, based on DEIP blockchain protocol, you may build your own business that will be part of the DEIP Network. DEIP Network is expanding, and we want to introduce you to already existing businesses (portals) built on DEIP Technologies:

Find out all existing businesses (portals) built on DEIP Technologies in the DEIP Use cases section.

Getting Started

Before you start we recommend you learn how blockchain works:

  • The Blockchain Fundamentals MOOC course, developed by Web3 Foundation, is a great introduction to start familiarizing yourself with blockchain concepts such as cryptography and networks, and how these play into things like decentralization and cryptocurrency.

This course will be useful for beginners of blockchain and for those who need to refresh their knowledge in the blockchain.

For beginners of DEIP

DEIP Documentation space consists of some modules:

  • Learn - Everything you should know about DEIP Infrastructure and its components: Protocol, Portals, Governance, and Network.

  • Build - You will learn how to build an IP-centric Web3 platform in weeks. Also, we hope that you will find our GitHub repository helpful.

  • Maintain - Represents a set of operations that act like building blocks to compose solutions for Portal-specific services.

  • DEIP Use cases - You will get to know the businesses already built on the DEIP blockchain technologies and are part of the DEIP network.