This section explores how DEIP technologies can be used. We will present projects already built on the DEIP protocol which are part of the DEIP network.
DEIP Creator Economy Protocol is the fundamental protocol of DEIP's infrastructure. It represents a set of operations that act like building blocks to compose solutions for Portal-specific services. This makes DEIP universally fit any business use case and requirements: you can solve problems without falling into a trap of limited technical possibilities.
DEIP Network is an open-source network of portals (projects, businesses) that are built using DEIP technologies. Anyone is welcome to create their own portal which should have a specific theme.
DEIP Network is expanding, and this section will introduce you to pre-existing Portals built on DEIP Creator Economy Protocol. You will learn how easy and effective it could be to translate the idea into a real product. We will show you unique and dissimilar projects, their implementation in the DEIP Network, as well as their functionality. These projects are different, but they are united by one intellectual idea. These creator-economy players drive progress and are developing the Web 3.0 space using DEIP Creator Economy Protocol.
Using our use cases and the experience shared by these Portals, you can build your unique, successful, and rewarding project in DEIP Network.

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