IP Ledger

What is DEIP IP Ledger?

The IP Ledger is an intellectual property platform that enables the protection of intellectual property by loading documents into the DEIP blockchain and by generating a digital blockchain certificate with a unique hash key, date, time, and cryptographic signature.
A digital DEIP blockchain certificate
IP Ledger is built using DEIP Constructor which uses distributed ledger technology to help prove that you have certain information without revealing the data itself.
Read more about the low-code Constructor:

Key Features

IP Ledger allows you to register each improvement within seconds. Claim ownership of digital assets and leave no space for even the narrowest of IP claims.
Security sharing
IP Ledger allows you to sign NDAs between partners, investors, contractors, and employees to protect digital assets before sharing.
Access management
IP Ledger allows you to limit access to commercially valuable information for specific departments or individuals, and to prevent data leaks and access by unauthorized parties.