Open Research and Innovation Platform

What is Open Research and Innovation Platform?

A digital platform to support open research and innovation activities. A huge potential of innovation and technology offers the chance to solve big societal problems in healthcare, urban mobility and other issues. Governments around the world are stepping up their involvement and investments in this sector. Efficient evaluation of IP/intangible assets can be the most dramatic advantage.

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Open Research and Innovation Platform is built upon DEIP Constructor.

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Key features

Collaborate for innovation

Collaboration for innovation provides an opportunity to:

  1. Find partners and build a taskforce of like-minded experts globally

  2. Register ownership of IP assets on the platform

  3. Secure collaboration via automated contracts

  4. Drive insight by sourcing data from the network (share and exchange research data)

Assess the project

Assessment of complex projects with the network intelligence provides an opportunity to:

  1. Provision your project for peer-review and source high quality feedback

  2. Reuse review results from network participants and leverage the trusted history of related projects

  3. Rate and incentivise participation of experts

  4. Transform review results into series of metrics to clearly understand project quality and potential


Fund-raising provides an opportunity to:

  1. Help investors identify the most promising deep tech projects using scoring and peer-review mechanisms

  2. Offer private and public funding models: SAFE, revenue sharing, bonds, donations, grants, crowdinvesting

  3. Enable full transparency and traceability of financial transactions

Facilitate commercialization

Facilitation commercialization provides an opportunity to:

  1. Increase the number of revenue streams for all collaborators

  2. Open curated marketplace of IP assets and deep tech (transfer, share, exchange, licence)

  3. Enable securitization of IP Assets and automatic royalty distribution

  4. Utilize variety of revenue models e.g. Green Bonds/Health Bonds/IP funds/Carbon credits

  5. Allow participation in corporate open innovation challenges (competitions) and unlocking new revenue streams