Technology transfer platform

What is the technology transfer platform?

The technology transfer platform resolves a huge gap between discovery and its commercial application in the marketplace. It is a modular, online platform for technology transfer between research organizations and businesses.
The technology transfer platform was built on DEIP blockchain using the Constructor.
Read more about the low-code Constructor:

Key features

Invention management
Automated technology for IP docketing and contract management through comprehensive analytics, IP asset ownership registry directly on the platform, and secured deals via automated contracts.
Portfolio showcase
A shopfront to list and showcase technology portfolios through e-commerce style listing, adding technology images, videos, additional files, and references to build a best in a class portfolio. Instant license purchase options.
Technology assessment
Get an assessment of complex technologies with network intelligence and project provision for peer review and to source high-quality feedback. Transform results of the review into series of metrics to clearly understand technology quality and potential. Reuse review results from network participants and leverage the trusted history of related projects. Rate and incentivize the participation of experts.
Licensing & commercialization
Generate revenue by licensing technologies and securitizing IP through a wide range of open-source, commercial, academic, and dual licensing strategies. Securitization of IP assets and automatic royalty distribution, instant licensing, and contract signing on the platform. ‌
Impact tracking
Understand the audience of your technologies and open up new possibilities to follow up. Evaluate technology performance at all stages. Get a holistic and detailed view of technology usage with a technology usage graph and statistics. Measure the efficiency of each contribution and investment decision through quality and impact metrics. Drill down into collected insights to predict new possibilities and mitigate risks firsthand.