Development introduction

Read on to find out where you can access information and guides on developing DEIP technologies.
DEIP's flexible system allows you to build Web-3 infrastructure. It requires strong programming skills to immerse yourself in the low-level technical features of the technology to develop your custom solution based on the Creator Economy Protocol.

Development guide


Describes supported operations and will receive ongoing updates as the protocol evolves.

Substrate-based chain

Describes the blockchain implementation on the Polkadot Parity substrate. Uses WASM and Rust.

Substrate-based chain docs

Introduces a module that connects to the Substrate-based chain and is needed only for Substrate-based blockchain.

Graphene (Legacy)

Describes the blockchain implementation on the Graphene Framework. Uses C++.

Off-chain server

Introduces the DEIP off-chain node.js server that assists each Portal. The DEIP off-chain server accumulates off-chain logic, and authorizes Portals for the DEIP Network.