Ecosystem Fund (Treasury)

DEIP Ecosystem Fund is a DAO in the network governed by the Council. It accumulates a part of investment transaction fees to be further invested in F-NFT in the DEIP Network. The initial capital of the DEIP Ecosystem Fund is allocated during the TGE and consists of 25% of all issued DEIP Tokens. All funds of the Ecosystem Fund are vested over 10 years with 3 months lockup cliff period. The DEIP Council can invest the capital of the DEIP Ecosystem Fund in other assets in DEIP Network. The major investment purpose of the DEIP Ecosystem Fund is F-NFT issued in DEIP Network. Each investment decision must be approved by 2 council members to be processed. To liquidate a position 3 council members must approve the transaction. After the liquidation of a position, 20% of the profit goes to the council members who performed the initial investment transaction. The rest of the profit goes back to the DEIP Ecosystem Fund for further investment in F-NFTs.