Creator Economy Protocol

Here you can find the most relevant information about the Creator Economy Protocol and its core elements.
The Creator Economy Protocol is a Web 3.0, domain-specific protocol for intangible assets and derivatives. The protocol enables the discovery, evaluation, licensing, and exchange of intangible assets. It is designed specifically for intangible asset tokenization (F-NFT), governance (via DAO), and liquidity (via DeFi instruments and derivatives).
The Creator Economy Protocol is a fundamental protocol of DEIP's infrastructure. It represents a set of operations that act like building blocks to compose solutions for Portal-specific services.
An operation is the smallest unit of the protocol dedicated to modifying the state of a blockchain based on predefined rules. The composition of operations within a transaction can reflect a specific business process. It allows Portals to set up and build services to achieve their individual goals. It is possible to combine multiple operations into an atomic transaction.
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