Collective Intelligence Protocol

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Intangible assets are the assets of the future and crucial components of the creative economy. Some of these assets are highly valued and some of them are not. Due to the nature of intangible assets, it can be difficult to evaluate them. Evaluation of these assets depends on the opinion of domain experts. When it comes to the appraisal of intangible assets, trust in the evaluation of domain experts becomes important.

Collective Intelligence Protocol overview

DEIP infrastructure provides a protocol that can potentially solve the trust problem in a radical way, by using our implementation of a proof-of-reputation class of protocols - DEIP Collective Intelligence Protocol.
The Collective Intelligence Protocol was used as the fundamental protocol in the development of the Decentralized Assessment System.
The Decentralized Assessment System (DAS) is a set of tools, frameworks, protocols, and agent-based simulations used to build multidimensional proof-of-reputation systems and combine them with crowdsourcing mechanisms. Read more
The Collective Intelligence Protocol will be introduced during the first 2 years following DEIP Infrastructure mainnet launch and has the potential to dramatically improve the efficiency of investments in intangible assets in the network, and even automate this process.
To learn more about the Collective Intelligence Protocol and the Decentralized Assessment System, read the whitepaper. Currently, the Collective Intelligence Protocol is being piloted in various use-cases, mostly in scientific and educational domains.