Portal specific smart-contracts

Portal Specific AMM, Dynamic Liquidity, and yield farming protocols

Once the portal is in operation for a while and has registered enough intangibles with total value above the threshold (specific parameters like min_opration_period, min_assets_registred, min_assets_registred_total_value is set by the Council) it can also deploy portal specific smart-contracts for yield farming, dynamic liquidity, and AMM protocols. This allows better tune price discovery and risks assessment smart contracts to the assets registered by a specific portal and utilizes additional metadata and insights provided by the portal. For example yield farming smart-contract allows sharing a part of the profit from the portal fee or any other portal revenue stream with the network community. This yield farming smart contract can be customized for a specific asset class from this portal and provide a better risk/profit profile for potential yield farmers. Custom AMM smart contracts can be restricted to the assets just registered from the portal and provide better terms for asset holders or liquidity pool providers.